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Wear many shades of red, wear them all at once, procure the loudest cherry pie of an ensemble and stomp around town in it in order to bring luck and prosperity. Leo, you spiritual lighthouse, you lantern in the window, you patch of sun breaking through an overcast sky, I have good news for you!

June is your month off. Now, because I am not your boss, I can not actually enforce this proclamation. In fact here is the bare bones of it:. The Leo you have under your employ may not come into work for the duration of June because of planetary machinations and cosmological subtleties that would inevitably be far too nebulous and complex for you if were I to parse them herein. We would appreciate your respect for our privacy at this time.

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And lucky for you, that is precisely why capitalism made weekends! July will give you plenty of time to do serious work stuff.

With the Gemini energy floating around and amping up your inner fire, it is time to chill with the dearest of homies and give and receive love that feels like a vacation. Leo Power Color for June: Prints. All of them at once. In June your look should be as playful as a newborn kitten that just found a box full of bubble wrap and catnip. Everything has a place and you are going to put that thing in that gosh darn place. This is a trait that you are known for within the illustrious astrology meme community, wherein I cut mine own teeth making jokes about how virgos are the sign most likely to have a scotch-tape dispenser in their own house and not just use their nail to peel the edge of the tape back every time.

Please forgive me or my insolence Virgarino, the rest of us un-optimized sun signs can laugh all we want, but in June, your attention to detail and talent for order and the like will have you laughing all the way to your online banking app that you have surely personalized to make a pleasant sound every time you reach a new savings goal.

The moon in Gemini will team up with auspicious Jupiter to bring you lots of lucky energy in your career sector. Stay on the lookout for some intermediary that is drawn to your fastidious excellence. Shine your most square-toed business shoes and put your hair in the most austere slicked back style imaginable for intimidating bossy vibes and also just because I personally love the business zaddy look and want to see you in it and take the boardroom, or like, the coffee shop, or the torturously hip co-working space by storm! Virgo Power Color for June: Black. Embrace an aesthetic that is somewhere between an oil slick, a solid wall of Onyx, and the impenetrable and encompassing darkness of a starless night sky!!!!!!!

Hello my Libransun-kin, how you been, bluebird? Are you soaking in the rays wherever you are? If you are not, if you find yourself kept indoors by meddlesome obligations or you know, life things, June is a month to consider getting away for a while. You can do something much more intimate and still take full advantage of the auspicious travel energy. Think of it like sharing custody of your inner child and you only get Saturdays with them and so you gotta do whatever fun thing they want to do.

My inner child wanted us to go pole dancing, so we did, and we both loved it! If you are currently not busy doing that, then the stars are really pushing you to go on some outings. It could be v rejuvenating. The planets also want me to tell you to make sure you put your goin-out shorts on around the full moon on the 17th because it will be a very lucky one for you.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts, will be positioned just right to make this full moon a very happy one for you. Schedule a date, ask for a raise, and claim your abundance. The pastel shade of any color will imbue our aura with the ethereal ambiance necessary to move with whimsy and verve.

Which, coincidentally will be the name of my tap-dance duo. I will be Whimsy, currently taking applications for Verve. Also open to references for teachers who specialize in teaching adult women to tap dance. Oh my dear Scorpling.

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I feel a special bond to you since we discovered together the weird and wonderful world of scorpion facts a few months back. Do you feel it too? Like, you know you could walk into a salary negotiation and the big wigs in their shiny buttons could be all like, That is our very best offer! And you would languidly hit your Juul and lean back in your chair and say, I think you can do better. And they would be all in a tizzy as your vaporized nicotine floated about their heads and you damn sure would walk out of that room with what you wanted.


If this sounds like you, great, the stars are always right. If this sounds like some wild fun house mirror version of you, then listen here baby, it is time to unleash your inner wheelin-and-dealin, no-holds-barred, tycoon-on-the-move energy this month. In Gemini season, Jupiter is sashaying through your second house of earned income, and Suze says that this signals a period of serious financial returns.

Alas, no good thing comes without asking for it. So speak up this month and claim your abundance. Your whole look this month should just drip with nonchalance and elegance. From far away you want your associates to be like, wowowow look at that understated ingenue, the confidence, the grace. Now that I have you here, I want to start by saying that I love your shoes. Secondly, I need to tell you that although the stars do not pick favorites generally, they might be making an exception for you. Jupiter entered your sign a few months ago, and according to Suze, this good luck planet is seriously giving you a boost.

She says that this will be the year your wishes come true.

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This could be the year you find your signature lipstick shade. This could be the year you finally feel ready to be the mother of an ethically raised teacup pig. According to the stars, this is the year where your self-belief is going to be your greatest ally. Jupiter could be shining light on you for the rest of your life, but no one is going to sign the motherhood papers or whatever you have to do to own a tiny pig except you! You must actualize all the blessings that want to come into your life by putting pen to paper, foot into outside shoe, fingers to keyboard, or whatever applies to your given situation of manifestation.

So now that we had that lil talk, the stars feel pretty good about everything else and I feel I have mostly done my duty as your astrological go-between. Watch out for the full moon in your sign on the 17th. Make big plans for this day, or keep your schedule open and watch for magic serendipity.

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So says Suze, so says the stars, so says I. Sagittarius Power Color for June: Anything iridescent. Lucky and Unlucky Colors in Numerology - Astronlogia. Gemini lucky gambling days - Casino Portal Online. Cancer daily lucky numbers. Nepali Rashifal - Nepali Horoscope Horoscope - Astrology Predictions June Pisces Lucky Numbers.

Gemini lucky numbers for the lottery to win. Aquarius Lucky Numbers. Gambling horoscope July You By Your Numbers. Free Education Horoscope Future Point. Astro colors Astrology and Metaphisics Astrology planets. Lucky lotto numbers for tomorrow nextbase dvd player power cable. Gemini Lucky Numbers Tomorrow's Horoscope, Tuesday 10 September Lucky colours for the Leos: The lion, the fifth sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the Sun. It is believed that the golden colour is the luckiest colour for Leo signs. Bright purple and orange are exactly Leo colours.

Pale tones do not reflect them. Lucky colours for the Virgo: Virgo, the sixth zodiac, is another planet ruled by Mercury.

All About the Zodiac Signs

Blue, green, light yellow and white are considered lucky colours for Virgo. Virgos should stay away from red as much as possible. The lucky colors of your horoscope are considered light blue and white. Bright colours are useful for Libra signs. Like the Virgo signs, the Libra must also stay away from the colour red. Lucky colours for Scorpio: Scorpio, the eighth of the Zodiac, is ruled by Mars. The red, white and chocolate colours are the luckiest colours for Scorpio signs.

Color, Frequencies, Chakras & Your Astrological Sign

Orange and yellow may also be useful for the lucky colors of your horoscope. About only blue and green tones they should be careful. Lucky colours for sagittarius: Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by Jupiter. Dark yellow and orange, are good luck for the free spirited sagittarius. It is known that Sagittarius must stay away from the blue while it is believed that cream and green are their lucky colours. Lucky colours for Capricorn: Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, is the most appropriate sign for the element earth and is ruled by Saturn.

Dark brown and dark green are also good for them. It is advised to Capricorns to stay away from red and yellow. Lucky colours for Aquarius: Aquarius, the eleventh zodiac of the zodiac, is ruled by Saturn.