Sagittarius astrology symbol

They're always ready for their next big adventure! The Sagittarius is a fire sign, which fits them very well. Sagittarius rarely ever finds it difficult to get pumped up about something and dive right in! This abundance of enthusiasm doesn't come without its cons. It's not uncommon for Sagittarius to drop everything to follow their next exploit. While the Sagittarius may not immediately pick up on how their brashness affects others, they will always return to the ones they love in the end.

They're an impatient crew and when they need to say or do something, it has to be in that moment. While this could cause a lot of annoyance when trying to have interactions with the Sagittarius, it's just important for a Sag to have their say! Life's a laugh with the Sagittarius!

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They have an amazing sense of humor and are able to turn normal stories into the funniest thing you've ever heard. There will truly never be a dull moment when you're hanging out with a Sag. They love to entertain. However, the Sagittarius isn't only here for laughs. It's actually a very philosophical sign. A Sagittarius will offer a unique perspective on something that everyone else might miss.

They push others to think differently than they usually would and inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones. This goes hand-in-hand with their open-minded personalities. Sagittarius is the world traveler of the zodiac. Their fearlessness takes them to the farthest corners of the earth. They believe in the impossible and no destination is too out-of-reach for them to get to. Don't be surprised if you're left in the dust.

Sagittarius Sign Traits Overview

A Sagittarius can't resist the allure of an exciting getaway for even one second. Is there a better symbol match in all of the zodiac than Sagittarius's? Probably not. The Sagittarius symbol is the archer. Like the archer's arrow, the life of a Sag is always pointing in the direction of their next adventure. Forever seeking answers and knowledge, it can be hard to keep up with the restless Sagittarius.

Their passionate search for new experiences is guided by wherever the archer's arrow is aiming at that time. The Sagittarius has to be the hardest sign to start a relationship with. These adventure-seekers can be difficult for any sign to keep up with. A Sagittarius also values their freedom greatly and isn't the type to be tied down. The Sagittarius is free-spirited and needs someone who will respect their desire to remain an individual, even when a relationship turns serious.

Knowing all this, it is easy to see why the Aries is the best astrological love match for a Sagittarius. They take their own sweet time to form their opinions, and would not hesitate in asking embarrassing questions. Archers also exhibit a certain duality. Although, such keen investigators themselves, willing to go an extra mile to find, read, communicate, they themselves may resent the complex education system and formal training.

They can be, fanatics yet atheists, and tactless yet serious! Subjects like philosophy, education, religion, mysticism, occult, medicine engross and attract Archers. More on: About Sagittarius. Sagittarius Nature. And thus, in relationships, they require and even demand their own space. In love, they are cheerful and giving. In fact, the Sagittarius are their happiest in a new relationship. However, as the relationship progresses, the restless Archers may start resenting the sense of confinement and responsibility.

Yet, they know and appreciate the importance of such bonds, and shall rarely attempt to break it. More on: Sagittarius Nature. Sagittarius Men. Men born under the Sign Sagittarius have a bright outlook on life even when they may be facing difficult situations. They want to explore new territories and love to keep increasing their knowledge. Read more to understand the Sagittarius men better.

The Sagittarius men like to travel because they are curious to know about different cultures, different people and their lifestyles. They also love to experience different things. More on: Sagittarius Men. Sagittarius Women. The women born under the Sign Sagittarius are truthful, idealistic, and have a great sense of humour. They wish to learn things from their own experience, instead of relying on second-hand opinions. This is why they like to meet different people, share experiences, and experiment with different things. Read on to find out more about the Sagittarius women.

The women born under this Sign are very curious and have a philosophical bent of mind. They are capable of doing many things, are charming people, and enjoy life as it comes. For any specific aspect that you wish to know more about, right away Talk to an Astrologer! Women of this Sign are not very sensitive, but are broad-minded. When they are given feedback, they take it seriously and work on improving themselves.

More on: Sagittarius Woman. Sagittarius Career The Sagittarius-born are extroverts, enthusiastic and sometimes excessively frank. They are prone to talking too fast and too much, so sometimes it may become very difficult for others to keep pace with them. This frequently results in their statements and opinions being taken lightly by others. Their words can be as hurtful as they can be inspiring.

They are far-sighted people who are curious, and have a true bent for spirituality. They attract others for their sense of humour and confidence. More on: Sagittarius Career. Sagittarius Romance. Many of them are lucky to have friends in high positions. Sometimes they can be insecure and also doubt the decisions and judgements of others. Knowing what is in store for you in the future can considerably reduce your insecurity, so check out Birth Chart based personalised service Detailed Life Predictions Report.

More on: Sagittarius Love. Sagittarius Relationship.

Sagittarius in Astrology

The Archers also need to travel a lot, and love to explore the world. If they feel that their freedom is being curtailed, they simply lose their patience and mess things up. More on: Sagittarius Relationship. Sagittarius Decans. When a person is born between November 23 and December 2, their planetary ruler is Jupiter. These people are honest and frank. They have a good sense of humour. The person would be large-hearted. They are also adventurous, optimistic and blunt. The Sagittarius-born is the boldest of all the Zodiac Signs. They spread joy and laughter wherever they go.

However, being too frank or blunt often lands them in trouble, so they need to learn to be more tactful. Their honesty is largely appreciated by people who know them well. To know about your future prospects, avail the totally personalised Birth Chart based service Life Prediction — Overview. More on: Sagittarius Decans. Sagittarius Facts. The natives of the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius, the ninth Sign of the Zodiac, are renowned for seeking and saying the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Sagittarius Symbol, Planet, Element and Quality

They are represented symbolically by a man with a bow and arrow, who is half human and half horse. This is why they are also referred to as the Archers. Knowledge, action and a broad-minded attitude defines them. They also have a great sense of humour. They love to enjoy life. At a party, you will see them arrive before anyone else and leave after everyone. They are keen to learn new things, which is why they love to experiment a lot. So their knowledge is mostly first-hand, not bookish. More on: Sagittarius Fact. Moon in Sagittarius.

Astrological symbols for Thursday: Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

People born with the moon in Sagittarius are usually very positive people. They love their freedom, and cannot stay cooped up indoors. Their outlook towards life is happy-go-lucky. They are very strong and active and indulge in activities which require physical efforts such as sports. They love to travel and meet new people, and learn about new cultures. They are most cheerful in open spaces. Even when faced with tough situations, these people are spirited in their approach, and hardly ever become negative.

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  8. These people tend to be natural athletes. They get bored too soon when put in a particular routine, and always need change to push them forward. People with the moon in Sagittarius crave power and status. They can have a dual personality, and can act independent and irresponsible at the same time. This also causes them to become temperamental. Also, they have a philosophical streak in them, and the best way to keep up with them is to let them be themselves without nagging them too much.

    More on: Moon in Sagittarius.